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heroes never die @Gargron@gonext.gg

*stanley parable announcer voice* do ta, do ta, do ta

hello it me, coolcat. blessing to you but only if you post :coolcat:

cottonwings drew this for gonext.gg

I need recommendations of who to follow from this account so gonext.gg FTL fills up with esports-related toots

I've imported my follows into gonext.gg so FTL would be a bit more lively 😋

tooting so @Hale gets something on his timeline

home feed regeneration seems broken 🤔

something something new patch

i havent kept up with dota 2 tourneys much at all since TI

gonext.gg is now running 2.0.0rc2

gonext.gg upgraded to 2.0.0rc1 without issues

mastodon.social in extreme derp mode because of Docker

I have arrived home, mastodon.social is being moved to a new host right now.