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heroes never die @Gargron@gonext.gg

Seems like Hetzner connectivity to the outside world died again 😩

Hetzner's router is fucked again so mastodon.social is inaccessible to me

Upgraded gonext.gg to the latest version

At least elephant friend hitting the computer is cute

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I didn't sync my following list with this account for a while so I'm missing some folks uwu

Not sure I wanna log on back into WoW because it's such a time sink and I already have a high ilvl so there's nothing to do (I hate leveling so alts are not an option for me)

Basically have to wait until the host takes care of it.

mastodon.social is down and I don't know what to do with myself because I don't have any power to help it


mastodon.social is down, Alice is working on it :V

Basically if you want to invite your friends to Mastodon and they're into esports of any kind, show them gonext.gg as an option.