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Our Features

Privacy & Appear Offline

We offer a (FREE) appear offline feature for players who are looking to have a private boosting experience.

VPN Protection

To offer the safest lol elo boost on the market, GoNext provides VPN protection on every order as a standard.

Finish on Time

GoNextGG is making sure that your lol elo boost is finished on time.

+5 Years of Expertise in LoL boosting and Account Sales

GoNextGG has been operating in the lol elo boosting and smurf or ranked account sales market for more than five years. Throughout this time the company amassed an incredible amount of experience in elo boosting. We continue to gather experience to this day and continue to improve our lol boost services to stay ahead of the competition in all aspects of the services that we provide. Every new buyer and new order adds to this experience and helps our organization to grow and perform even better in the future. Staying customer oriented and being agile to the different changes in the lol elo boosting environment is a crucial factor for our success.

Challenger LOL ELO boosting team

The company is known for employing the top LoL boosters, who are playing at the highest levels of the game. The minimum requirement to boost at GoNextGG, is reaching the challenger tier and high prior experience in lol boosting. By employing and managing the best lol boosting team available, we are able to provide the highest win-rates and top quality performances. To make this possible, we never stop manage our lol boosters, who have to go through a strict selection process. By having increased control over the lol elo booster team, it allows us to get the most performance out of our players and provide a seamless boosting experience for all of our users.

Best & Highly Customizable ELO boosting experience

We provide the widest range of lol elo boosting related services in the boosting industry. Our service portfolio is designed with the ultimate goal of providing maximum user satisfaction. We believe, that having a high number of services are required in the field of lol elo boosting as each LoL player has different goals in the game. To help in reaching these goals, GoNextGG does not only offer a high selection of different lol elo boosting methods, such as solo queue, duoe queue or placement matches, but additional customizability features for each of these boost types. We offer add-on options, such as priority delivery, specific champions or coaching.

Our Philosophy: Trust, Comfort and Price

We are convinced that there are three key points coming first in any online service. It’s Trust, Comfort and Price. Players trust us because we ensure account safety and data privacy, while customer satisfaction has always been our top priority throughout the years. Ordering your service is easy and you have access to various options to match your exact needs while keeping prices affordable. With GoNextGG, LoL boosting and coaching is made more accessible and effective than ever.