Coach KGB9 Daddy | Challenger Mid/Top

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$30.00 /hours




Highest Rank : Challenger (700 lp)
Main Roles : Mid, Top, Jg
Coaching Style : Vod Reviews, Live game, 1v1s
Description : I am a perfectionist – If I find a champion that I love, I will be the very best at it. In S7, I was the ONE and ONLY shaco top player to hit challenger.
I am the pioneer and the Rank 1 Twisted Fate in NA. I was/am also the best Pantheon in NA. My Irelia was ranked 2 in NA (Rank 1 being TF Blade)
I have great mechanics, macro, and overall game knowledge due to me playing 3 different roles.

What I will be coaching on:
* Mechanics & Outplays – When can you kill the opponent laner? Is your matchup winning/losing? How can you win on a losing matchup?

* Macro & Decision Making – When should you freeze? When should you push? When should you look for 2v2s with JG? When to invade? How can I play the map and put pressure on enemies?

* Runes/Keystnes/Summoner Spells – Analyzing enemy composition and deciding on which runes/keystones/summs to take. For example, when should you take cleanse vs Zoe?

* Mentality – I was known for being insanely toxic in S8. I ran down people on repeat, but soon I realized that rather than blaming others, I could simply improve on myself. If you can’t 1v9 in this region,
Can you really consider yourself as a “good player”?

* Champion Selection – This is a very important aspect as a solo laner. Your pick will drastically change the game if played correctly – for example, if your team is all AD, should you go AP? Is your teammate known for
1v9 solo carry? If yes, should you pick a supportive champion to help him carry?

* Laning Phase – How to lane: farm, trade, ward (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) track enemy jg, position, freeze, etc.

* Objectives – When should you be recalling/resetting for objectives? If you have TP, when and where should you TP? How can your TP pressure the enemies?

4 reviews for Coach KGB9 Daddy | Challenger Mid/Top

  1. SHADOW :P


  2. Marcelo (verified owner)

    KGB was thorough and honest about my game play. He made it easy to understand where I needed to improve and props where I did great. Looking forward to more sessions!

  3. Chris

    Super in-depth coach, best money I’ve ever spent, helped me with basic fundamentals and I’m looking forward to future sessions, looking to climb quickly with his assistance.

  4. Justin Benoit

    I have had multiple sessions with him. I am a gold player at best at the mid role but high plat low diamond player at best at adc. I wanted to get to GM and I was like if you can coach me until I get there and work with me to get there I will work with you! He said he for sure can do it. It will take long term coaching I was like that is fine. I love every session he is absolutely amazing when working with you. He is very detail orientated. So he will break everything down to the very exact thing you need to improve on then he will also 1v1 you so he can see where you are also making mistakes I have been improving but it will take a lot of work and he is willing to put in the time and effort if you are willing to put forth the effort as well. He is also very chill and down to earth!

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