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Name : Jonas
Highest Rank : Challenger (1050 lp S8) (850 LP S9)
Main Roles : Jng, Mid, Top.
Coaching Roles: Jng, Mid, Top, Supp.
Coaching Style :
– Vod Reviews
– Live Game Spectate
– 1 vs 1 (1-3x)
– Recorded Game *

* You record your game, talk about your thoughts about the game, send it to me, and I will go over it. Mostly used for people who cant sit 1-3 hours in one go.

About Jonas:
I am a player who thrives when he wins – I will create huge leads on my own, and play around them. I know how to 1v9, and will often adjust my playstyle towards it. I am an aggressive laner and jungler, but without taking the risk of it costing me too much.

I used to be one of, if not, the best “unknown” Rengar players from EUW. I helped push Wave Q builds out and up, when most people didn’t know how to Build/Play Wave Q. Recently I have laid back off one tricking, and learning other roles
bringing myself to challenger 600+ LP with 4 different roles, and many many different playstyles/champs.

My macro plays, and micro plays are still in their topform, and my overall game knowledge is what got me to top 5 EUW challenger, and multiple top 50 NA challengers while I was out sailing.

I do coach teams aswell, from time to time, but that has to go through my personal discord. Either contact someone from GoNext Discord, find me in there, or Jonas#2881.

What I will be coaching on:

As Lane:

– Mechanic Lane / Champ Select – Is your lane a winning/losing matchup, is your jungle in a winning matchup, is your jungle offensive early or late depending on champ, and how to turn a losing matchup. Runes, Keystones, Summoners.
What champ to chose depending on your team, AP vs AD, AD vs AP, enemy team comb into your champ choice.

– Macro Play Early – Matchup, early start, how to play aggressive early without it costing you anything, or how to play defensive without getting too far behind.
Pushing wave vs freezing wave, farming effectively while trading, warding early & position yourself in your lane.

– Micro Play Early – Tracking of enemy team, and also your own team. How to ward depending on your playstyle, and enemy champs. How to correctly force 2v2s, or 1v2s. Setting up for ganks/setting up to avoid ganks.

-Macro Early/Mid game – Objective controls, how to effectively take objective, set up for them, catch enemy off, zone and engage. Split push vs Grouping.

– Summoner Usage – When do you take/use one of your summoner spell, is it worth it to blow flash for first blood, is it worth it to TP gank bot lane just to scare of a gank?
When to TP to objectives, when/if you should use it for lane/split pressure. Lane choice of summoner, i.e do you take cleanse or exh vs x champ if you play x champ.

As Jungle:

– Champ Select / Runes – What champ do you play compared to enemy lanes/jungle. Is your champion choice more for farming, or for being aggressive. How to play your matchup, while also knowing winning matchup/losing matchups & wincons from your team.
Which runes is the best on champs with multiple rune choices, which buildpath is best on champs with multiple builds.

– Macro Play Early – Early objective control, how to spot invade, how to play around losing matchup, or weak early game champion. Correctively set up for ganks & dives, and transition ganks to objectives.

– Micro Play Early – Matchups, how to invade, when should you invade, effectively choking out enemy jungler, clear efficiently. Abuse summoner cooldowns, abuse winning lanes/wincons. Tracking of enemy jungler, and laners that can roam.

– Macro Early/Mid game – Mid game objective control, setting up for teamfights, correctly transitioning your role into mid/late game. Zoning, engaging. Playing around split pusher/early groups.

– Summoner Spells – Learn how to track summoner spells, effectively call them out, and play off of which spells are used vs not used.


– Un-tilting * – This is only for players who tilts easier than others, I will teach you how to be better at this game, and also give your tips on how to fortitude your mental. When you tilt, you are the worst player on team.

– Back timings – When to effectively back on your champ, how long you can stay on map without overstaying.

– Transition – How to transition your lead into mid/late game. How to transition if you are behind without it costing your team.


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