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Name: Enver
Age: 22
Highest Rank: Grandmaster(389lp)
Main Role(s): Support/ADC
Coaching Style: VOD Reviews, LIVE GAME

  • I have been doing this for almost 4 years and currently have a stunning 100% success rate in people climbing multiple divisions from my coaching alone.
  • I am very passionate about helping people get better at league, I do educational streams where I take champion requests and
    play in the elo YOU want me to with constant thought process commentary in order to teach how to climb/carry from support/adc
  • If you’re interested about who I am and what I do, check out this reddit thread-
  • If you’re interested in an example to my previous coaching sessions, I do post them to my youtube –
    where you can see exactly how I would engage with you as we review one of your vods.
  • How my coaching works:
    • For vod reviews I’ll do an in depth review of your game, by in depth I mean literally EVERYTHING. WE will go over every step you make and point out your mistakes and what you can fix  and how to optimize your gameplay.
    • I will ask you questions like “what would you do” in certain situations such as where to go after each base. Positioning throughout the entire laning phase as well as teamfights. Macro and  how to carry if your mechanics are poor,
      Itemization/runes etc…
  • I take coaching very seriously and truly want you to become a better player. typically a 30 minute game takes me almost a full 2 hours to review.
  • When looking for a game to review -find a RANKED game WIN or LOSS for us to go over. Typically you’d want a game where you ask yourself
    “What could I have done better that game” or “Is there anything I could have done to change the outcome?” We want content not stomps

1 review for Coach Enver | Grandmaster Support

  1. P

    Enver is amazing! In the hour lesson, he was able to give me important pointers on wave management, positioning and warding techniques. My lesson with Enver reminded me how much room there is for improvement as this game is heavily skill based. One of my main struggles is dealing with my confidence to dodge enemy abilities. Often times I end up conceding some of my lanes because my confidence level is so low. Enver really helped me recognize this problem and gave me tips on how to correct it. Since his lesson, I have noticed a change in my gameplay- I am playing with more confidence now and putting his suggestions to use. As a result, I am winning more games now than losing! I would recommend Envver to anyone who is eager to learn the support role and looking to climb.

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