Coach Brady | Challenger ADC

$30.00 /hours




Name: Brady
Highest Rank: Challenger (800lp)
Main Role(s): ADC/SUP/MID
Coaching Style: VOD Reviews, LIVE GAME
Description: I’ve had NACS level coaching and played versus many pro players. I am very friendly and have been coaching/playing for over 5 years now. I can help you with anything you need when it comes to LoL.

Things that will be covered –

+ Itemization (Understanding builds and items. Your build should change every game. Apart from copying a pro player, do you actually know why you are building this item and what it does?)
+ Runes/Keystones/Summoner Spells (Understanding and choosing the right runes/keystone/summoner spells)
+ Champion Selection (How to ban efficiently and win the champ selection phase for yourself, counter pick, tier list of the moment, team composition)
+ Player Movement (How to move your champion efficiently to dodge and kite better)

+ Farming/CSing (How to farm better and efficiently, counter farm your opponent)
+ Trading (How to win trades and always be ahead)
+ Wave Management (How to control your waves: Freezing, Slow Pushing, Fast Pushing)
+ Positioning (How to position yourself in the lane depending on the matchup and jungle presence in both teams)
+ Warding (Depending if you are pushed or not, when/where to ward for the early game. This is mostly to spot the enemy jungler or possible roams)
+ Matchups (How to win and understanding matchups. Do you win versus that champion?if not how to make the most of it)

+ Rotations (How to rotate after a team fight or after taking an objective to snowball your lead)
+ Roaming (When/where to roam depending on the game and the champion you are playing)
+ Warding (Depending if you are ahead or behind, when/where to ward for each portion of the game: early game, mid game, late game)
+ Objective (When to go for an objective and how to set it up ahead of time)

+ Positioning (How to position yourself during a teamfight depending on the team compositions and the champion you play)
+ Target Focus (Who to focus depending on the team compositions and the champion you play)
+ Team Composition (Understanding strengths/weaknesses of both composition and fighting accordingly)


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