League of Legends Coaching


Coaching in League of Legends is one of the best ways you can move forward and become better at the game. Sure, grinding through the games on a daily basis can somewhat help you improve, but that’s simply not enough. The key to rising to the top in League of Legends is learning from your mistakes, reviewing your matches and constantly researching champions, builds, and counters. Every professional League of Legends player will tell you that they spend thousands upon thousands of hours not in-game, but researching their opponent’s tactics, movements, champion selections, builds, and so on and so forth. This is actually 50% of the game! You can rise to Challenger rank only if you pay attention to every single detail in the game. And this sure is a long and painful process, but at the end of the day, when you obtain the Challenger rank, it will all be worth it. However, this process can be sped up quite a bit with some help from our professional LoL coaching team!  


How LoL Coaching works

League of Legends coaches can help you become much better at the game, in only half the time it would take you to do it yourself! They are very experienced, seasoned veterans, and there’s no one better to take you through the game! We have many coaches that specialize in different aspects of the game, and depending on what you need, you will be assigned (or you can choose) a certain coach. If you want to learn about Jungle game, you can choose a Challenger Jungle player, and you will be able to learn about everything there is in that aspect of the game. Same goes for Top Lane, ADC, Support, and Mid. We’ve got it all!  


What our League of Legends Coaching will get you

Whatever role you choose to play in League of Legends, our team of coaches will be able to help you improve your skills dramatically. Whether you’re a jungler, top laner, support player, or ADC, we will be able to cover all of it. If you decide to improve your game, our professional coaches will teach you the following, but not limited to:


How to review your own VODs (replays)

Basically, you will be watching your own gameplay with the coach and he will point out your mistakes and what you can improve on. This will also teach you how to notice your mistakes and prevent them from happening in the future.


Selecting the right champion

What you pick can change the flow of the game, and even turn the tide in some cases. Picking the right counter, and the right support for your team is an essential part of League of Legends. Our coaches will be able to teach you what champion to select and when. You will also learn about runes, and which ones to pick for which champions. This is very important when playing in high brackets. Warding is one of the most important skills to acquire in League of Legends. Any high tier player can recognize if they are playing against a noob or a pro just by their ward placements. Placing wards in the correct spots and at the right time can make all the difference in your match. These are just some of the things our team specialize in. You can visit our coach profiles to learn more about our coaches and choose the role that fits you.


Why choose our League of Legends coaching?

Here at GoNext.GG we pride ourselves in hiring only the best of the best. This includes both our coaches and professional boosters. With every order that we complete, we learn something new and something we can improve on. Striving for perfection never ends for us. This especially applies when interacting with our clients and customers. Our coaches are extremely friendly and social, and they will always help you with whatever you need. Even in their off-hours, they will be available to answer any of your questions and address any concerns. So if you are looking to improve your League of Legends skills, this is the right place to do so. Our professional coaches will help you acquire everything you need to rise right to the top, and finally become a Challenger.

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