League of Legends Boosting


League of Legends ELO Boosting

 Our League of Legends ELO Boosts are perfect for you if you don’t really have the time to play the game as much as you used to, and you don’t want to lag behind.

We understand that not everyone has the time to grind League of Legends all day, every day, which is the exact reason why we decided to start providing this service. If you relate to the above, we think that ELO Boosting will be perfect for you!

Let our team of professional boosters take care of your account while you go about your daily life, and by the time you are able to start playing again, you will be surprised to see that you have ranked up. Your League of Legends rank will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about.


League of Legends Net Wins

Are you stuck in ELO Hell? Are you constantly matching up with toxic players that make your life more difficult than it really needs to be? Are you unable to get out of Silver bracket?

We’ve got the solution for you! With our League of Legends Net Wins Boost, you will be out of Silver in no-time.

We all know that League of Legends ELO system is not great, and in most cases, once you get stuck in a certain bracket, it will be extremely difficult to get out of it, unless you start pumping out those wins in a row.

This is basically the only way to do it, but it’s very hard due to all the players who leave in the middle of a match, troll the game or just plain throw the whole match on purpose. The number of toxic players significantly decreases once you start playing at higher ranks, which is what every serious League of Legends player strives for.

All you have to do is tell us how many wins you want, and leave the rest to us. Our LoL Net Wins Boost is very flexible and you will be able to customize your order to a tee. You can also choose which champion you want our boosters to play, which spells to use, and of course, whether you want them to play DuoQ or SoloQ. We are also proud to announce that we will be providing streaming services for all of our boosts.


Placement Matches

What exactly are Placement Matches in League of Legends?

When you first reach the ranked level in LoL, your first 10 games will be Placement Matches. Your performance in these 10 matches will determine your position in the League of Legends bracket.

If you ask any seasoned League of Legends player about Placement Matches, they will almost certainly tell you that these 10 games are the most important ones when grinding up the tier ladder. And why exactly is that? It all comes down to this: You want to play the least amount of games to avoid ending up in ELO Hell.

Basically, if you play your Placement Matches right, you will end up in the higher brackets, and therefore, you will avoid the unnecessary grind to get out of the lower ranks. Odds are, that if you play these 10 matches flawlessly, you can even end up in Platinum or Diamond, depending on your previous season performance.

Your performance directly influences your position in the ELO bracket. If you play your games right, get a lot of kills and assists, and win the game on top of that, you are sure to climb the ladder quickly.

Not to mention, as we all know, the toxic players are the ones ruining the game for everyone, and they are usually placed in the lower brackets and divisions. You want to avoid these people and go right to the top to play with more serious League of Legends players.

Now, the question is, how can we help you with this? If you choose our League of Legends Placement Matches Boost, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible performance in all 10 matches. Forget about grinding out of Silver or Gold, and start straight from Platinum.


About our Professional Boosters

We at GoNext.GG have always strived for perfection in everything we do. This also applies to employing only the top players. We have a team of professional boosters that have been playing League of Legends for years, most of them even since the day the game came out in 2009.

All of our boosters are (or have been at some point) in the Challenger tier, and can easily perform flawlessly in any and all matches, which is exactly why our customers always come back for more services. Our perfect track-record is something we are very proud of.

GoNext.GG also provides VPN protection for your account, which makes our services the safest on the market. If you choose to buy any of our League of Legends boosts, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible service!