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The best/worst thing about Youtube is that you watch one video about poor Tennis Umpire decisions and you get suggested 10000 more. They're all so good.

A rough personal day for me. Hope things get fixed when I get some sleep tonight.

Miss the kitschy-green theme :{

WHAT A LONG WEEK. Kingdoms and Castles is cool - but gets a bit boring in the late game.

If you feel the color-schema should be changed - propose a different one to me or @Gargron

Looking for TV series suggestions. I think I've watched the more popular mainstream ones.

Some thoughts on TI7 Regional Qualifiers:

tl;dr - In terms of predictions, I'm gonna say Odd doesn't make it through NA (know that I'm in the massive minority here).

Rested for the first time in a while. Bonus XP incoming.

Wrote a brief Medium post about GoNext (& Mastodon) - hopefully will get some exposure and esports people join our instance!

Feel free to boost/share across other social networks too!